Curling is a widely celebrated sport. It is a team sport that can be played with two to four members.

Curling has distinct relations to sports like bowls, boiled and shuffleboard, which makes the game itself more exciting to participate in. Curling is also known by its other name, Chess on Ice. This is due to the target areas, and the precision needed to participate in it. The equipment used in this sport are minimal but are essential to playing the game. Curling brooms, rocks and curling shoes are essential to have in this sport. The brooms allow the players to sweep the stones into the correct circles or target areas.

How Everything Comes Together on Ice

The rocks/stones act as the ball of the game, and curling shoes aren’t very different from standard ice skating shoes. These shoes, however, are very different compared to regular shoes, due to the playing field for curling being a large block of ice, curlers have to wear special shoes that allow them to slide on the surface. This sliding mechanism is due to the flat bit on of the shoes, where there are no grips to generate friction. Curling shoes are also generally used for the times where you sweep the stone. Sweeping is a tough part when participating in curling not only because it requires the utmost precision, but also because it is loosely related to another technique known as brushing. Brushing is a technique that is critical to curling and is also crucial in making many shots.

The Brushing Technique

Brushing is considered to be one of the most under-taught techniques in curling. Brushing is not only a technique; it is also a more natural way to score points as a group. Though it may be more stringent in some instances, when learning the methods, brushing depends almost entirely on the posture of the player’s body position. The position of the body can determine the brushing stroke that you do and the way that it hits the stone. Whenever a player in curling attempts a sweep/brush, many factors go into making it successful. For example. The orientation of the broom and the speed of the brushstroke, it essential to keep in mind.

Brushing Technique
Brushing Technique

Each movement in curling is essential. It defines whether the team wins or loses. So you must keep in mind the direction that you hit the stone in as well as the speed that you exert on it. The speed will decide on how the rock reacts when it is picked up by another member. Footwork and communication also play a vital role in sweeping/brushing. Footwork helps the member to be able to keep up with the stone, as well as quickly and effortlessly dodge any oncoming rivals. The footwork also makes you more agile and more accustomed to the slipperiness of the ice, which can sometimes cause trouble in situations where sudden changes in direction are needed. Improving your footwork can also help with speed, which is a necessary asset to go alongside the brushing technique.