Curling is a Canadian sport that is a popular tradition in the country. But there is something about it that is causing it to fail in popularity, and it’s going to be in deep trouble soon enough. There needs to be something done before one of Canada’s traditional sports becomes unable to regain its popularity. Curling is unlike every other spectator sport since you’ll have a better experience if you watch it in person. Curling is also one of those sports that most people choose to experience on television. The better watching experience that television offers have caused the number of people watching curling competitions in-person to drop significantly in recent years.

The Fall of Live Spectating

The fall of curling’s live spectator numbers isn’t because the fans aren’t going to be buying tickets. Back then, debates were going on about whether to not show games that happened in the city that was hosting the games on television. But that debate has been over since the 70s. Simple logic will show you that fans of any sport wouldn’t spend any money if they could watch the game for free on their television. Professional sports teams and their owners have learned that they have to show their games on television if they want to promote it too.

The Fans Keep It Alive

There will always be fans that enjoy the feeling and aura of live sports. These fans will always be there in the seats watching the games of basketball, baseball, hockey, football, and curling. The owners of professional sports teams will always make sure that anyone can watch their games on television. It doesn’t matter if they’re part of the home team or away team. There is an issue in curling where the home team has a rec room, which adds to the experience you get when you attend the game in person. People usually call curling a mixture of cleaning up your kitchen and shuffleboard. But you shouldn’t let that sway you away from it as it is a game that’s filled with quick moves and strategy. You’ll be watching shots that pressure everyone attending, and it will surely be thrilling to watch.

Watching It, In-Person Isn’t the Best

There is a problem with being in an arena watching from the seats, and that is that you can’t see a majority of what happens from one spot. An example is that when you’re sitting at one end of the arena, you won’t be able to see what’s going on at the other end. You’d only get to see most of what’s happening if you’re a few seats away from the action and near the center of it all. It’ll be a struggle to see every angle and shot, especially when the situation is a clutch. Curling is a game about specific measurements that will change the entire game, so a camera from above is what people need when they want to see what’s happening closely. It will help see whatever is happening in the arena from the television while lounging on your couch. Therefore, for as long as the technology for promoting live-action curling has improved, the seats at the stadium will stay empty while fans will choose their television sets for the live-action.