The victory Nigeria achieved was a celebration like any other in the sport of curling. Nigeria’s curling team defeated France on a Thursday afternoon during a mixed doubles game. The curlers in Nigeria’s team, Susana and Tijani, shook hands with the opponents and then immediately started celebrating happily. They yelled as they hugged each other, and they shot their hands up high. A nation from Africa had finally won a game of curling at a world championship for the very first time. On that Thursday afternoon, France was defeated by Nigeria with a score of 5-8 at the mixed doubles world championship of 2019 in Norway.

The Duo’s Thoughts

Tijani and Susana got the win for their country. Tijani said that they did it for Nigeria. He was visibly delighted and excited. They only started curling a few years ago, but they are looking to be a part of the Olympics now. The fans that were there watching them in the Sormarka Arena started happily applauding the duo. There were even a few curlers from other nations that clapped for them too. Susana was thrilled that all their hard work was worth it in the end. She was proud that she and her husband had won.

The Duo’s Origins

The married curling duo, Tijani and Susana, first started curling a few years ago. They lived in Denver at the time. Tijani and his family hail from a city in the southern part of Nigeria called Onitsha. He loved his country and sports for his entire life. It was why when he discovered that he could compete in a world championship, he instantly grabbed the opportunity to start curling. The couple watched curling during the Olympics, and it was their motivation. They are both competitive athletes, so it makes sense that they trained for a year before the world championship in preparation for it. They had a goal to win at least a single game for their country, and they did it on their final match. Their emotions poured when they attained victory. Tijani’s dream is something that he loves to be sharing with his wife, who is also his best friend.

The Duo’s Reaction to The Big Win

Tijani says that it is a long journey, where he goes through many tests and trials. There were several frustrating moments during some matches during the world championship, and they even had a complete loss against the Czech Republic with a score of 0-20. But when they faced France, they collected all the knowledge they had gathered throughout their entire time training, and they were able to defeat France. He is very thankful for his friends in the Nigerian Curling Federation and Nigeria. Susana is also grateful for everyone who supported them throughout their sporting career, and she is thankful for the people who believed in them.

After they celebrated their victory on the ice, they turned towards their coach and saluted him. Their coach is named Ellery Robichaud, and they are a curler and coach from Canada. He first met the duo at an annual curling clinic that he holds during the summer. The entire process they’ve gone through was worth it for him because of the victory they achieved. He says that the win of Nigeria is one of the best moments he will ever have in all his time curling. That’s saying a lot since he has spent almost all his life in and around curling rinks.