Canada is renowned for having heavy winters with lots and lots of snow. Because of this, it is natural to also have many winter sports and activities. While many may think that the only winter sports available are hockey and skiing, it is completely untrue. Canada may have meters of snow every single winter, but the diversity of the winter sports is very big. You have to take into consideration that the duration of the cold season made the people of Canada develop new and interesting sports ideas that will suit every taste. We have listed some of the most popular winter sports in Canada in order to show you the diversity of activities you can get while visiting Canada during winter.


Curling is a team sport that has a very big popularity in Canada. It has its roots all the way back to Scotland and was first brought here with the immigrants. There are more than 15000 people that play curling in a club, and the competitions are held very often. There are many curling clubs that are oriented for different age groups. The beauty of this sport is that it can be played by anyone, no matter the age. It is played in teams who focus on their main goal: sliding the curling ball that is made from a special stone on the ice in order to reach a certain mark. The team members can control the path of the sliding stone with special tools, but they are not allowed to touch it. It’s a very fun and competitive sport that can be easily transformed into a family activity.


Hockey can be considered the national sport of Canada. It is well-known that in all the international competitions, Canada is the favorite team for the title. And this is because Canadians start playing hockey since kindergarten. It is a very fun but demanding sport. The players need a lot of strength and equilibrium to slide on the ice and to hit the hockey putt. It is known that many accidents can occur during a hockey match, and this is why protection suits are mandatory. But otherwise, it is a very fun sport that is widely practiced in Canada.


Dog sledding is a truly unique sport that requires a lot of commitment. It has its roots in Ancient times when the locals used dog sleighs to transport themselves across icy planes. You need a lot of dedication to perform in this sport because you have to take very good care of the dogs and make sure that they are healthy at all times. The competitions usually take place in the Northern part of Canada and they test the management of the competitors in the harsh environment.

Snowmobiling is a very fun activity that can be found all across Canada and offers the feeling of absolute freedom. You can do it as a leisure activity or you can compete with others in order to show off your skills.