The sport of curling is an odd sport to say the least. Who would have thought that sliding a piece of granite rock down a path of ice would one day turn into an Olympic sport? We know that people often poke fun at the idea of curling. And each time the Winter Olympics come around, we wonder why anyone ever plays it. Well, the next time you hear someone talking about this sport, you can be prepared with a few fun facts about it. You may find that it’s more interesting than you thought and you may just pay it a little extra attention the next time it is on the television or at the Olympics.

It Has Its Own Language

This may not be exactly what you are imagining as they do not speak a foreign language entirely. But as with many sports there is a vast terminology that applies only to the sport and those who play it. When you are watching the players on TV, you may hear them saying words that you may not know or may not understand the application of them. This is the language in use. They are communicating plays to each other and we have no idea what is going on. A fun fact you can share with friends the text tine a game is on.

Teammates Kim Eun-jung, Kim Seon-yeong, Kim Kyeong-ae, Kim Yeong-mi and alternate Kim Cho-hi all have the popular last name Kim, which accounts for 20% of South Koreans. But only two of the curlers, sisters Kim Kyong-ae and Kim Yeong-mi, are actually related. Eun-Jung is “Annie,” after a yogurt brand based in California. Seon-yeong is called “Sunny” because she likes her eggs sunny-side up. Kyeong-ae is “Steak,” and Cho-hi is “Chocho,” a type of cookie.

It Was First Played in Scotland

Many people, at least in the United States, seem to think that this game started in Canada or perhaps in a Nordic country, as that is where a lot of winter sports come from. However, it is interesting to know that the sport of curling first started in Scotland and dates back as early 1511. They would play when the lakes were frozen over and used a simpler version of round rocks or stones found in the area. In 1838 the Grand Caledonian Curling Club was actually established in Scotland – this was how the game was first properly organized and rules were set forth for those who wanted to play moving forward. It then grew in popularity and made its way over to Canada where it really took off.

Called the Roaring Game

You may at times hear the game referred to as the roaring game. This is a nickname that came from the sound that you hear as the stones glide across the ice. If the ice is rough, it makes an even loader sound, like that of roaring. This is a little-known fun fact that you can show off when people are dumbfounded by this unique sport.

As you can no doubt see there is more to this game than simply pushing rocks on ice, it is a unique sport that dates back hundreds of years and that has grown as a true sport that is played all around the world, well at least in the cold areas. Next time you see a game, stop and think about these interesting facts and perhaps you will enjoy it just a little bit more.