Have you seen a chess game played on ice? While it is not exactly chess played on ice, curling is sport described as a game of chess on ice. It is a sport that not a lot of people know about, but it is one of the world oldest sports. It originated in the 16th century of Scotland where the games were played on the surface of cold frozen ponds and lochs. It ended up in North America, especially in Canada when the Scottish immigrants migrated there.

Although known to be dated back to medieval times, it was only recently introduced into the internationally recognized sporting leagues and games like the Olympics. It is not recognized as a popular sport throughout the world yet like how football or cricket is. However, it is prevalent in Canada, and it has dedicated athletes and supportive fans representing the sport, especially in the winter Olympics. The participating countries currently are mostly from Europe, Asia, and North America.

The sport is played on ice by curling unique stones from Scotland, which are made of the blue-hound granite. Teams of four play on the play-space called a sheet slide – A 20kg sheet-rock. There is a men’s tournament, women’s competition, and a mixed tournament. The point system is calculated by how close to the bullseye the stone slides.

The men’s curling team from Norway became one of the most outstanding teams in the recent Winter Olympic Games. Not for the medals won or any Olympic record-breaking scenarios but because of their fancy pants. Their checkers-like red pants have been the most attractive attribute to the team. The team’s trademark and eye-catching attire came about due to a miscommunication which left them with less desirable uniforms. However, they managed to accept the fleshy pants as their uniform, which, in turn, became more than just splashy patterned curling pants, but the team’s ‘signature uniform.’ The pants, of course, did not bring them the gold medal they would have liked but brought them a lot of fans and launched them into fame as they appeared in morning shows around the world. The team also had an influx in social media follows and thanks to the red pants, curling as a sport also received some traction from the publicity.

From the standpoint of the Winter Olympics, when it comes to rating costumes, it is undeniable that Ice skaters are at the top of it all with their creative designs and all. The majority fall in love with the aerodynamic jumpsuit of the speed skaters. However, least did anyone expect the same from the curlers as their costumes are never about the designs or anything but just a plain formality. The fancy pants misters of Norway did a great job in stepping out of their comfort zones despite knowing that their pants would put them in the hilarious light. Their true sportsmanship has played a role in not just getting the sport noticed but has also laid a real path in the history of curling.