Who rules the game of curlers in the world currently? The sport of curling has seen lots and lots of stars rise and fall. Writing a list of the most prominent curlers can be pretty tricky. Considering those that are living and dead, those from America and other parts of the world, gathering all these information to make out the best of them can be tasking. Since the inception of the game, different prominent and well-known curlers have risen from various part of the world to set different records in multiple competitions. Sit back, relax and enjoy this beautiful list of some of the best curlers the game has ever seen. The list has the names of the most famous curlers and their notable achievements. If you are looking to take up the sports, you can read up more about these guys and get inspired by what they have achieved in their time.

Thomas Løvold

Thomas is a veteran curler from Norway and developed an interest in the game in his early days. He started off at the junior level where he grabbed gold medals at the 2002 and 2003 curling championship in the “B” tournaments. Thomas became very popular after his exploits at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics where he played as the alternate for Team Thomas Ulsrud. He is one of the best the game has ever seen.

John Morris

John hails from Canada and is an Olympic gold medalist after a successful outing at the Vancouver Winter Olympic games. The famous curler from Chestermere, Alberta played third for the Kevin Team until 2013 and is the author of the exciting curlers manual “Fit to curl.”

Carmen Schäfer

Carmen Schafer is a favorite Swiss curler from Davos. Born in 1981, Carmen started off her curling career playing for the junior team. She was very successful and was part of the Swiss team that won the 199 world junior championships although she barely participated. She went to win several other accolades to her name and is considered one of the best female curlers in the game.

Ekaterina Galkina

Vladimirovna Ekaterina Galkina is a successful Russian curler. After studying Management and International Relations at the Russian State University of Humanities, Ekaterina abandoned schooling for what she loved to do best-curling. He was part of the Ludmila Privivkova team that contested at the 2006 winter Olympics, and her team won the 2006 European Curling Championship. She was also part of the Russian team that played in the 2010 Olympics games.

Allison Pottinger

Allision, an American curler from Eden Prairie, Minnesota is one of the best female curlers in the United States. She became very popular after playing for Debbie McCormick in multiple world and Olympic championships. She left the team after competing in the 2010 winter Olympic games in Vancouver Canada and now runs her team.

Kevin Martin

Popularly was known as “The Old Bear” and “K-Mart,” Kelvin is a retired Canadian curler from Edmonton. Kevin sits currently as the greatest curler the game has ever seen with over 30-years curling career. With four Briers, an Olympic gold medal and one world championship to his name, Kevin is undoubtedly the definition of success when it comes to curling.