Like other sports, curling is a game that requires the appropriate gear to enhance one’s safety, comfort as well as success, and curling equipment is available at affordable rates. If you love to play the game, you can learn it as you put on warm clothes, in which it will not be hard for you to move; you can also wear sneakers with a rubber sole. Read on to learn about other essential equipment for curling.


This is used for sweeping the ice surface, which is in the stone’s path. It is necessary to do this sweeping to reduce the amount of curl, to bring about lower friction beneath the rock and to get rid of debris from the path of the rock. Brushes are employed as a balancing tool for stone delivery. The commonest brushes are the synthetic type, designed using nylon fabric. Also, they are produced using horse-hair or hog hair. Their heads are created in different shapes as well as sizes. The most popular types are head angle brushes and variable handle brushes. Some handles are designed from fiberglass and others from wood. Also, while brushes are made in various sizes, popular dimensions are 2.5 centimeters (1 inch) in diameter and 120 centimeters (48 inches) in length.


For a curler to be able to enhance stone delivery using a slide, which is flat-footed, they must put on proper sliding shoes. This footwear must be made of a material that is slick, has low friction and covers the whole heel as well as the sole. Different kinds of materials for a slider are produced. Teflon plastic is an example of a synthetic material, which is very common. Sliders made of this material have a range of thicknesses. Generally speaking, the more the width of the Teflon, the quicker the slider moves. The fastest sliders available are stain-less sliders, though just a few curlers employ them. The sliding shoe is to be used on the ice meant for curling and protectors have to be put over the slider, in a bid to safeguard it from damage when moving on the ice. A kind of slider that is exceptionally effective is produced with soft rubber.



They are also regarded as rocks and are composed of a dense granite that is rare, as well as, quarried on the Ailsa Craig located in Scotland. Curling stones are required to weight 38 – 44 pounds. The mean weight of stones is around 19.1 kilogram (or 42 pounds).This weight is approximately equal to that of 101 softballs or 131 baseballs.  In Olympic Games, a stone set has yellow handles, and the other set has red stems. Curling stones themselves have a gray color; they are also polished. Stone has to have the ability to resist abrasion and must be resilient, robust, uniform in color, absorbent and dense. In making curling stones, granite got only from Scotland is utilized. The shape of stones is circular.

All of this gear should have you set and ready to play a game of curling!