Several articles are on the kind of clothing required for the game of curling. However, most of these publications have failed to hit the nail on the head about the full requirement for the necessary clothing needed for the sport. In this informative article, you would learn about the different clothing necessary to ensure your safety and comfort while enjoying your curling game. The right set of clothing will help you have fun, so come on board as we take you through the qualities of the clothing needed for the game of curling.


The best kinds of shoes to use are running shoes and skate shoes. The rubber soles help give you a better grip on the ice. You should always clean your shoe correctly to prevent dirt from getting on to the pitch. Never make use of shoes with plastic soles. The plastic will get cold and extra slippery; this will increase the risk of slips and falls. Also, never make use of boots, sandals, high-heeled shoes, runners or muddy shoes on the ice. You can wear your boot boys to the ice shed before you change into your shoes. Never you get on you the plastic with your slider foot and always remember to keep your slider foot off the backboards.


You can wear sweat pants, track pants, loose pants, yoga pants or any pants with stretchy materials. Avoid wearing any tight pants like jeans pants. If you are not a pro, stay off wearing shorts.



Make sure you wear loose-fitting jackets. You can wear them over your sweaters so you will be warm. If you get too hot, you can remove a layer to feel better. Avoid using shirts or jackets that

have sheds fabric. The fibers may cause you or your fellow teammates to slip while playing on ice. Just get a good sweater and a warm hoodie.



Your choice gloves should be able to keep your hands warm; you should also be able to take them off and on at will easily. Avoid wearing fuzzy gloves. Make sure you can grip tightly to your broom when wearing your gloves. Look for gloves made with calfskin and nonslip materials. This will help give you a better grip on your broomstick.


If you are new to the game of curling, it is advised you make use of sole Gliders. They are usually kept at the end of the sheet you are playing on. You should make use of them until you can comfortably stand on your own. Once you improve your delivery technique and balance, you can stop using them.

Brooms Rentals


If you are new to the game, you can rent your broom from the Rental Brooms Bin. Check your Rental Broom and clean it up using the scrub brushes at the end of each sheet. You don’t have to worry about sole gliders. Sole Gliders and Grippers are given free of charge. You should ensure to wear two grippers before you start off your game.

The following tips will help you start off as a new curler. With time you would get used to the game and become a pro, then you can bend the rules a little to your pleasure.