There is a claim that there will be a convertible rink that will be used for the curling events of the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics that will take place in Beijing. It is said that the rink is to be finished with construction by the end of the year 2019. The claim was made by the Municipal Commission of Development and Reform of Beijing. The work on the transformation of the rink started in the last months of 2018. They are aiming to convert the National Aquatics Centre of China, which is called the Water Cube, into what they are calling the Ice Cube.

What Is It All About?

Initially, the venue was constructed to be the place where the Summer Olympics of 2008 would be hosted. One of the reasons the site was chosen as the venue is because it was located in China’s capital city. The place became famous due to how the design made it look like a cube made from water, which is where it got its name. The convertible rink isn’t the only construction being done. There is also going to be construction work that will result in an ice sports center being built. It will be available for public use, and it will be located at the arena’s southern area.

The Iconic Rink

The center takes up almost two thousand square meters, and it will house four curling rinks of Olympic standards. The entrance of the center is made to look like water droplets. It was built to help the natural lighting and ventilation. It was designed as such to improve the quality of the air and the environment. There will soon be an underpass that is yet to be constructed that will allow people to travel between the Ice Cube and the ice sports center.

 Xinhua, which is a news agency in China that is state-run, has reported that the conversion of the Water Cube into the Ice Cube will be completed before the end of 2020. It is enough time for it to be able to host events for testing for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics of 2022. The National Aquatics Centre’s general manager said that plan to keep the Water Cube’s swimming pool even after they upgrade it into a curling rink. They will implement a brand new ice maker system that will provide enough ice to have four curling arenas of Olympic standards. 

There is going to be a system for climate monitoring that is going to be installed in the center. Its purpose is so that the humidity, lighting, and temperature in the center are up to Olympic standards. The amount of spectator seating has seen an increase by almost half of the original amount of seats available for spectators. There are still several places that are still going through renovation, such as the locker rooms, stands, and curling rinks. The construction of the structure of the ice sports center will be starting soon. The place will be ready to be used by the end of 2020.