The history of curling dates back from the inception of humanity. The game rose from man’s interest in hauling things and playing on ice grounds. Curling was an excellent loch sport until the end of the ice age. After that, the lochs refused to freeze. Now it’s a great refrigerated ice sport. We have about 15,000 Americans playing the slide-the-stone game. Although curling  Is now seen as an Olympic sport, is still unknown to so a lot of people.

But what about this game is so interesting and how exactly is it played?

Basically, it is a sport that takes place on the ice and the players throw granite rocks down the area for playing. As the granite travel, they have will often curve, or ‘curl,’ during play. That is why the game is called Curling.

The game was first played on a frozen lake, and on frozen bodies of water in Northern Europe. The game consists of four players who will move a big granite rocks across the field. The pieces of granite then roll down towards the center, it is said to be similar to an archery format. There are 16 of these uniques rocks in each game and they keep a score to determine who wins. The goal is to get the stone as close to the center of the field as possible, this is how the scores are given. It is sometimes compared to the strategy used in baseball, because only one team can score during the play at hand.

One of the different features of curling is the it uses of sweeping. When a player cleans the ice, they are mainly brushing it at a face pace to keep the rock going. The act of sweeping is done to polish the field and helps to give a more distant, straight moving rock. Many people in countries all over the world love to play the sport of curling, countries like North America, Asia and Australia. Many of the worlds greatest players are found in the above mentioned countries as well, of course cold weather countries are the most popular places where you can find people playing the sport.

There are a lot of people that still don’t know about curling as a sport, it’s awareness was improved after the 2002 Olympic games, held in Salt Lake City, Utah. The event was televised and the events are covered worldwide, and many sports enthusiasts were interested in the unique aspect of curling. In fact, curling was also one of the favorite sport in the recent 2006 Olympic Winter Games, held in Turin, Italy.

Champions of the sports have risen from the Olympics, as the sports event has helped build up so many successful curlers we have today. The likes of Kevin Martin and Allison Pottinger all started off from the Olympics before rising to the peak of their career in other competitions. The Olympics can be called the birthing ground for young and promising players of the game as the competition is tight enough to groom the best.