When you watch a game like curling, there are so many questions that would arise, especially if you are watching it for the first time.

  • Why are the players shouting?
  • What are the players doing around the target? or even
  • How does this thing work?

If you are a newbie watching curling, then it is possible that you are watching it at the Olympics and wondering how this sport even came to be or even if it exists outside of the winter Olympics. In truth, the game is fascinating, and it is very easy to understand without having to learn how to play it. While it doesn’t take the cake when it comes to other winter sports, the game is still available for people to learn about it or even train.

The Beginner

If you are a beginner of the sport and you wish to learn how to curl, the first thing you need to look for is a club where curling is promoted. Some curling clubs have their areas for curling, and others use the public ice rinks to practice curling and to tutor amateurs. In most cases, Google will be your best friend when you have to find a curling club near where you live.

Once you have found the club, these are the things you are going to need.

  1. Meet the Coach – As with any sport, you are going to need to meet the coach to understand if there is a sport available for you to learn how to curl. Once that has been organized, the coach might have questions for you regarding the level of fitness and skill you already possess. Coaches need to understand your level of commitment before they agree to train you in the sport as this sport is not very commonly played.
  2. Commitment – Unlike other sports, you will find that when learning how to curl, your spot on the team should be confirmed at the start so that the rink can be booked accordingly. If you leave the team halfway, the other players might have to incur costs to pay for the arena when your fee is not coming in. Therefore, for the sake of consideration, your commitment is essential.
  3. Gear – Your coach will advise you of the equipment and the gear that you will need. Usually, apart from the skates and clothes, the other stuff can be hired or even sometimes provided by the club. Again, this depends on the club that you are joining. Make sure that you choose high-quality equipment and gear when you play because there is nothing worse than slipping and hurting yourself on the ice.
  4. Competing – Every player who starts playing the sport begin with the same commitment as everyone. Once you are ready to compete, your club will organize games that you will play with teams from across the country or even internationally. Olympic players who started playing the sport begun by watching and being fascinated by the sport as well. They have been able to see the significant merits of being a part of the Olympics in their lifetime because of the commitment they have all brought to the table.